Lecture encourages students to ‘lead with grace’



by Amy Sholasky

College of Agriculture professor Grace Gorrell had her turn get the “final word” on Monday night during her speech on leadership development for the Student Activities Board’s  “Final Word” lecture series.

Gorrell encouraged students to “lead with grace” while trying to influence others to be joyful leaders. “Lead With Grace” is the name of her company that works with organizations to develop programs that best suit their needs.

She explained to students that a job title will only get you in the door and rest is up to you. “Treat others like your pet treats you,” said Gorrell.

Senior, history major Julie Watkins said “I liked what Grace had to say, although it may seem like common sense,  it’s not something I think about everyday.”

During the presentation Gorrell handed each student a note card and asked them to pick their top 5 principles from a list she provided. She then explained that those with compassion and forgiveness on their list tend to be the most influential leaders.

Grace told students that the best question they could ask someone is,” how can I help?” She stressed the importance of meeting the need expressed in the answer to the question, saying that  willingness to do what others won’t builds your influence.

During The Final Word lecture Gorrell also said that we are not perfect and all have our weakness’ while we are on a path to discover our strengths. While on that adventure she said to, “develop your strengths and manage your weakness.”