Ex Texts Me Every Few Days After I Left Him

The UK men’s basketball team likes to joke. Last y Ex Texts Me Every Few Days After I Left Him ear, in fact, the tight-knit group became famous for it. The quirky antics of DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall and the rest of the young team even earned a comical pregame video on national television when the team climbed to its position in the Elite Eight. Now, the players are noticing the same trend on this year’s team.

“We’re tight,” freshman guard Doron Lamb said. “Every time we go out, we go out together. The mall, to get haircuts, to parties, to class, we all go together. We are brothers right now.”

The preseason trip to Canada enabled the Cats to get to know each other earlier than normal.

“It was a great experience, just because we got to live like it was an in-season situation,” freshman Terrence Jones said. “We had to stay in a hotel, we had curfew, he had bus rides over to the game.”

The self-proclaimed brotherhood is evidenced by the constant humorous jabs and tricks the teammates play on one another. Though all in fun, the team can occupy itself when team rules have implications on their social life.

“We make jokes 24/7, especially now that we have curfew,” Lamb said. “We’ll be in the lodge with nothing else to do, so we crack jokes … I’m definitely in the top two, but I think Stacey (Poole) is the funniest. Enes (Kanter), too. He talks funny and you can’t really understand him sometimes, but he’s funny.”

It is inevitable for the connections that bring the team together outside of the gym to also contribute to a team with increased chemistry. Getting to know fellow players is key in a truly successful team, freshman guard Stacey Poole said.

“When we ride in the car, we like to turn the music up and rap, have rap sessions,” Poole said. “Terrence (is the best), Terrence got a little flow. I think I am second, though, I can do a little something.”

But Harrellson’s impressions of teammate DeAndre Liggins are perhaps the most well-known and well-liked joke for the young team.

On Media Day, Harrellson imitated Liggins talking with a busted lip — an injury sustained from Jones’ elbow in practice — in front of a throng of reporters.

The fact that the team is comfortable enough to crack jokes on each other, in public, on the first day of media coverage speaks volumes to a bond that has formed and will continue to strengthen.

“This a close team, probably one of the closest teams I’ve played with when it comes to hanging out and playing together,” Jones said.

Humor is the basis for that bond.

“Enes is so funny, Josh (Harrellson) is so funny,” sophomore guard Jon Hood said. “Everybody on this team has a sense of humor, and if they don’t, they would kind of be an outcast on this team.”