Lamb says he plans to dance at Madness



Doron Lamb knows the legend that was born a year ago when John Wall turned his fist while descending from the rafters.

He’s well aware what that simple act achieved, transforming Wall into a UK icon even before the season started as the dance swept through fan base.

But Lamb is bringing his own personal dance to Big Blue Madness this year.

“Oh yeah, the D-Lamb is coming out tomorrow,” Lamb said. “I know (I’m following Wall). I think my dance will be better than that.”

It might take a lot to top what Wall did when he performed his self-titled dance at last year’s Madness.

But Lamb has had plenty of practice in preparation.

Lamb has honed his move in anticipation of revealing it to the crowd.

“I already got it down pat,” Lamb said. “Some of (my teammates) have already seen it in the locker room. I’m just waiting to bring it out.”

Lamb said he looks forward to being surrounded by UK fans in Rupp Arena, a venue he said he has never visited.

“I’ve never been to the Arena, so I can’t wait to get there and see how it is, with 24,000 (people) looking at you.”

Big Blue Madness, and everything that accompanies it, has been in Lamb’s mind since he arrived on campus in August.

“I’ve been waiting for this since I got here,” Lamb said. “I’ve heard a lot about it. I’m excited.”

Junior college transfer Eloy Vargas will be participating in his first Madness as well, but he said Lamb was the most ready for it.

“It’s a big night for Lamb,” Vargas said. “He said he’s going to be dancing tomorrow.”

Stunningly on cue, Vargas glanced to his right to see Lamb out of his interview chair, dancing.

Lamb said there would be other players dancing during Madness, too, but the rest of the team seemed hesitant to promise anything – from themselves or even from Lamb.

“I don’t know anybody doing it,” Terrence Jones said.

Stacey Poole remained coy about the team’s intentions.

“I don’t know yet if anyone is (dancing),” Poole said. “It’s going to be a surprise.”

And then he paused.