UK wide receiver Roark pleads guilty to drunken driving

By Kelsi Borntraeger

UK’s junior wide receiver Matt Roark plead guilty to drunken driving at his arraignment Friday in Fayette County District Court.

Fayette District Judge Joseph T. Bouvier sentenced Roark to four days under house arrest. Bouvier said no alcohol can be inside the house during this time.

If Roark violates the house arrest, then it does not count and will result in jail time, Bouvier said.

Roark was charged with drunken driving after Lexington Police were called about a collision that occurred near the intersection of Montavest Road and Wood Valley Court early last Sunday morning.

Roark will next appear in court Monday, Nov. 29 at 2:30 p.m., and the house arrest must be completed by then.

Roark’s attorney, Jim Lowry, said he and Roark would try to get the process for house arrest started Friday.