Letter from the Editor

Thank you.

Last week I published a piece on my experience “undercover” in hijab. One week later, I return to my desk with the support of thousands of readers from around the world.

This letter is a small “thank you” for encouraging me to continue my work and for sharing your stories with me.

Because of your support, my story has been translated into Arabic and has reached countries and people as far apart as Australia, Indonesia, Scotland, South Africa and Egypt (to name a small few).

The climate of tolerance and acceptance is changing, and judging on the responses I’ve received, I believe it is changing for the better.

My project was a relatively simple task compared to the daily struggles of Muslims and followers of other faiths who do not feel accepted. I commend anyone who has the confidence and strong faith to represent themselves and maintain strong moral character in times of distress. Continue to put your energy into all of your life’s work, and things will improve.

For my contemporaries at UK, the Muslim Student Association is hosting a “Hajj” event Monday night, and I highly recommend you attend. The Hajj is a Muslim’s physical and spiritual journey to Mecca, but Monday, it is a journey to get better acquainted to your brothers and sisters.

Thanks again and Salam!

Cassidy Herrington

Opinions editor