Goodfellas finds a second home





by Kendall Smith

Local bar crawlers in Lexington were in for a surprise a couple of weeks ago when one of Lexington’s late-night eateries, Goodfellas Pizzeria, opened a new location in one of the city’s most popular bars, Two Keys Tavern.

The new location comes on the heels of a series of promotions by Goodfellas.

“We did promotions on Saturdays for football games so people could see we were here and we could get our name out there,” Two Keys Assistant Manager Andrew Hoffman said.

Still, the new location surprised most even though this was in the works for a while.

Goodfellas General Manager Mark Stephens said he was considering a second location when his friend and new owner of Two Keys, Seth Bennett, called him wanting to talk to Goodfellas’ owners about the idea.

Goodfellas is known not only for its pizza, but also for the long late-night lines that frequently lead out of the store and onto the sidewalk at its downtown location.

“It’s still the go-to store with all the bars around,” Goodfellas Manager Maurice Moore said.

Although Goodfellas experiences a high customer volume during the late hours of the night, both the downtown and Two Keys locations receive plenty of customers during standard lunch and dinner hours.

“We’ve gotten some business from the hospital right across the street,” Hoffman said.  “The downtown location does real well with all the businesses and lawyers around there. It’s a major lunch spot downtown, especially on Fridays.”

Stephens emphasized the new lunch special at the Two Keys location (any slice, side item and drink for $6) as an incentive to attract more customers during lunch hours.

So far, the new location hasn’t had much of an effect on the original downtown location.

“We’re still busy night and day like it was before,” Moore said.

With the new location, Goodfellas plans to add more options to its menu, as well as new services to increase the number of ways it reaches its customers.

“On Dec. 10, we’ll start delivering,” Stephens said. “We’ll provide new menu items, new toppings and a new pizza size, which will be 16 inches.”

The new Goodfellas location in Two Keys is open every day from 11 a.m. to 2:30 a.m.