Changes made to basketball lottery

By Kristen Vinson

With convenience a primary advantage of the new online basketball lottery registration, many students are signing on and securing their spot to witness the 2010-2011 Cats.

Student Government President Ryan Smith said the number of students who signed up for the first and second lotteries was in the same range as last year.

The first lottery had about 5,500 students sign up. The second lottery, which was held Monday evening, had about 5,800 students sign up, Smith said.

According to a Nov. 16 Kernel article, 3,750 individuals were awarded the 4-game series tickets during the first lottery.

After the first lottery, UK Athletics has made other changes to the online registration process.

The way students can get eRUPPtion Zone tickets is one of the changes.

eRUPPtion Zone tickets will now be distributed at the first two ticket windows, and each game must be selected individually, according to the UK Athletics website. Tickets cannot be purchased from two different windows, and students cannot select Erupption

Zone seats for some games and regular seats for others.

Student Government President Ryan Smith said the new lottery system and all changes made are in the best interest of the students.

“There are always going to be challenges with the new lottery system but we think it’s an improvement from last year,” Smith said.

Smith said those developing the lottery are still accepting student input.

“Logistically the new system is more difficult than perceived. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome, and we are continuously working to improve the process so that the majority of students are pleased with the lottery process,” Smith said.

Business junior Maggie Linneman is overall supportive of the new method and recent changes made to the second round, primarily for convenience.

“I was actually selected to get tickets in the first round and since it was so easy, I signed up for the second lottery as well,” she said.

“I selected Erupption Zone tickets and surprisingly got an e-mail back saying I was chosen for the second lottery as well. It’s such an easy, efficient process I’m surprised the numbers haven’t dramatically increased.”

The first lottery had about 1,000 tickets left over, and 190 tickets were purchased the next day, Smith said.

Based on availability, unclaimed student tickets from Monday will go on sale Tuesday at 9 a.m. at the UK Athletics Ticket Office, located in the Joe Craft Center behind Memorial Coliseum.

For more information about the changes or about tickets, students can contact the UK Athletics Ticket Office at 800-928-2287 or 859-257-1818 or by e-mail at [email protected].