SG Committee helps prepare use of tuition fees

By Becca Clemons

Preparations for the next academic year are already in order, as the Student Fee Committee works on its recommendations for the use of the fees that are paid in conjunction with tuition.

The committee met last year to predict an increase in tuition and fees, if any, and offer their recommendations on how the money should be allocated. Committee Co-chair Joe Quinn said the committee, comprised of nine student members, will complete its recommendations for the 2011-2012 school year on Sunday.

The money from the fees is divided among the following groups: Student Activities, Athletics, the Student Government Association, Student Health, WRFL Student Radio, International Study Abroad, the Johnson Center, Information Technology, the Student Center, Student Involvement, Student Services and Environmental Stewardship.

Vice President for Student Affairs Robert Mock said it’s important that the student have input on what the fees are put toward. He said he came from an institution that did something similar and thought it was effective.

“Last year it was a great experience and we ended up very successful in what we did,” Quinn said.

He said the recommendations that the committee makes will be carried over to the next people and groups who approve them.

The committee will submit its recommendations to Mock, who gets the opportunity to edit or adjust them before sending them to the provost. The provost sends his version of the recommendations to the Board of Trustees, who make the final decisions.

Quinn said the committee heard presentations from all fee-receiving organizations who want an increase in their funds.

He said the committee represents a broad spectrum of campus  to make sure the recommendations are well thought out and unbiased. All of the members except two are affiliated with an organization, and they have an understanding of how the fees are used. Quinn said he and the other co-chair Kyle Snapp, as members of Student Government, will not be voting members of the committee, but will just serve as facilitators for the process.