Way Down Yonder Where the Heels are a Stompin’ Hard



by Alexandria Sardam

The aching throb of my heel is what drove me to recklessly stumble out of my bed in search for some relief. As I wearily reached for my medicine drawer, I was distracted by the bright yellow wristband that was secured around my wrist. And after gazing at that neon band for a few clear seconds, it all flooded back and began to make sense as to why my heel was so sore.

A rip-roaring blur of sweet picking banjo, cool harmonized voices along with steady hardy thumps of the standing bass streamed through my head, one continuously cheerful memory after the next.

Yonder Mountain String Band, a progressively unique bluegrass band from Colorado, rocked Busters on Sunday, making quite the impression on some concert goers.

And my heel.

It would be silly to simply peg YMSB as just some bluegrass band. Sure, their sound is consistent with the traditional toe-tapping folk that is so prominent “round these here parts.” But the exceptional trait this band possesses is their ability to stretch the spectrum of the stereotypical bluegrass sound that so many familiarize with.

Much like Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, a bluegrass fusion band, YMSB takes bluegrass to new heights with crazy jam solos that have hints of electric blues and funk. YMSB captures the essence of bluegrass all while beautifully jumbling it into something that sounds both new and old. YMSB uses songs like “Ten” to take you on this high energy, heart pounding, heel-stomping ride that you never want to get off of. Jeff Austin’s energy keeps the band roaring and soaring all over while the consistent pluck of bass from Ben Kaufmann stays strong, aligning the bands seismic sound.

Yonder Mountain String Band proved that their music is more exciting than the regular toe-tapping bluegrass sound you’ve heard maybe one too many times. Your heel’s soreness will further solidify this to you the day after.