Getting tanked

Discover SCUBA – Images by Kentucky Kernel

By Kirbye Meaux

Accompanied by an oxygen tank and a snorkel, UK students discovered how to breathe underwater.

Lexington’s New Horizon Dive Center held a scuba dive training session Tuesday night in the Lancaster Aquatic center pool.

“Anybody that might have an interest with scuba or want a little orientation to breathe underwater is more than welcome to dive in!” KHP scuba instructor Mike Sullivan said.

“The experience is good for anyone interested in aquatic biology or environmental science,” said Ed Gabe, a New Horizons employee who has been diving for nine years. “It’s a good angle to experience especially when doing underwater research.”

Before the course began, more than 40 students signed up to get into the pool.

While some students spent time learning how to clear their tank’s regulator, others were interested in learning how to level their bodies with the pressure of the water.

Sophomore Caleb Fligor said he would like to experience breathing underwater, while sophomore Nathan Hudson said he wanted to learn how it feels to be an astronaut.

A student organization called CAPPS was started to promote scuba diving and organize dive trips for its members, UK student Nick Capps said.

“I did it last year and I learned about UK’s KHP class and other information about where you can go to get certified,” senior Andy Whitney said.

“I want people to embrace a new experience,” said Travis Land, New Horizons Dive Center owner.  “It’s a good way to open people’s eyes to a whole new world, which, by the way, is the coolest job in the world.”

“I think people should do it because it’s a super unique experience,” Gabe said.  “It’s the chance to experience weightlessness.”

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