Letter To The Editor

I was puzzled and slightly angry when I opened up Monday’s Kernel and saw nothing about the Blanding Tower fire drills. Then I thought it just happened last night, but Tuesday will be enough time to get the story out. And, yet again, when I opened the Kernel on the fifteenth: nothing. What an outrage! Is this not an important issue?

Not only did it affect the over 600 people that live there, but many other students in other parts of the Kirwin-Blanding complex were woken up by the noise, emergency vehicle lights or friends needing a place to crash. A minimum of 1,300 people disturbed, and that’s not enough cause for a story?

There were four fire drills on the night of Sunday, the 13th of Februrary; ranging in time from around 10:50 pm to 4:00 am. According to the staff and the fire department, there was a problem with the pressure in the buildings’ fire sprinklers that continued to trigger the alarm every two hours or so.

The majority of residents got so little sleep that they decided to “boycott” classes the next day. There has been discussion for some time about changes that need to be made to UK’s “Twin Towers,” even including thoughts of razing them entirely.

Residents are constantly getting stuck in the elevators; the bathroom on my floor was closed for two whole days because there was asbestos is our walls; our fire warning system is on the fritz.

Many problems are obviously not newsworthy at the Kernel, but I thought at least the threat of death would spark someone’s attention. My mistake.