SG vote doesn’t override veto

UK Student Government senators did not override SG President Ryan Smith’s veto of a proposal to fund an off-campus traffic light on Wednesday.

In a 16-15 vote, the proposal did not meet the two-thirds of senators required to override a veto.

The proposal asked for $1,500 to help fund a flashing yellow light at the intersection of Pine and Upper Streets. Diane Lawless, the Third District Councilwoman originally brought the proposal to SG last Thursday.

Freshman Sen. Tommy Crush made Lawless’s proposal his special senate project. A special senate project is where a senator can ask SG for up to $3,500 to fund any organization.

“It strongly affects students’ safety in that area,” Crush said. “So really, $1,500 in exchange for really good will between city government and SGA is not a big price to pay at all.”

Smith originally vetoed the bill because he said there are projects on campus that need funding.

“I think it’s a poor use of funds,” Smith said. “We shouldn’t be in the business of funding public projects.”