Protesters enter fourth day in the Capitol

The 14 protesters in the Capitol woke up at 5 a.m. Monday morning to ensure the governor’s outer office was presentable after their weekend stay.

The group has been in the Capitol since Friday, after what they felt was an unsatisfactory meeting with Gov. Steve Beshear.

The group of protesters, which dubbed itself “Kentucky Rising,” said its impromptu meeting led to some progress, but that there was still work to be done.

“I think we had a little start of a conversation today,” UK graduate and nurse practitioner Beverly May of Floyd County said Friday. “I think we need a lot more conversation, and it gives me hope.”

The protesters have yet to determine exactly when their protest will end, but did say they will participate in the “I Love Mountains Day” rally in Frankfort Monday at noon, which will be preceded by a mile-long march from the river to the Capitol steps.

The group said they do believe the rally will be the end of the continuous sit in, but hadn’t determined for sure.

“Let’s just remember, whatever happens, we’ve already won this particular battle,” McCoy said.

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