Same side of Cupid’s arrow



by Though it’s a holiday with a chubby naked baby as its mascot, Valentine’s Day gets violent reactions from people.

Some people love it, and others hate it with frightening passion. My approach is simple: How could I not like a day about chocolate, roses and the color pink?

I do, however, realize that many readers dislike heart day. Maybe they chipped a tooth on one of those what-the-heck-is-in-this-thing-it’s-as-hard-as-a-rock chocolates. In my experience, Valentine’s Day haters fall into three main categories: 1. Men who say the day stresses them out; 2. People who say the day “commercializes love;” 3. People who don’t have significant others.

We hear a lot about how hard V-Day is on the Y-chromosomes. Lest we feel too badly for male lovers, however, Valentine’s Day is stressful for the girls, too. What is girl protocol for Valentine’s Day? Getting a guy flowers never feels quite right. Chocolate? It seems like a waste. He gobbles down that nasty neon candy with just as much gusto. A stuffed animal? Seriously? What’s a girl to do?

The commercially conscious people say they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because feeding into the commercial craze “cheapens their love.” But let’s all be honest here. The same thing could be said of other days, but no one fails to buy their mother a card for Mother’s Day because they think it will “cheapen” their relationship. There is a fine line between cheapening love and just being cheap.

The final group of people hate Valentine’s Day because they have no one to share it with. But speaking as a single gal, I counter that if you have a pulse, you can like it. Enjoy some chocolate; if being single has destroyed your taste for chocolate, you should see your doctor. If Valentine’s Day still leaves you feeling glum, try buying one of those boxes of princess valentines covered in glitter.

In the end, Valentine’s Day doesn’t just involve that perfect trifecta of chocolate, flowers and the color pink; it’s about love, too, and that’s not so bad no matter who you are. Everyone has someone they can make feel special on Valentine’s Day, or you can at least find someone; it’s not over until the fat baby sings.

So whether you are living out your favorite chick flick or just watching it with friends, viva la Valentine’s Day.

Martha Groppo is a journalism and history junior. Follow her on Twitter @kernelgroppo or e-mail her at [email protected].