Career Academy helps in job hunt

By Blair Helwig

Some college students assume they will find jobs as soon as they graduate, but that’s not always the case.

However, a new program called the James W. Stuckert Career Academy is serving as a preparation for students seeking jobs in their specific job markets.

UK students seeking information on how to obtain a job prior to graduating can commit five hours of their time to attend the presentations.

Senior Career Ambassador Josh Albers said the Career Academy teaches students how to be the employee companies must have. Students can learn how to stand out and communicate productively.

All the presentations are based on conducting a job search, resume writing, researching an organization, interviewing and professional correspondence.

Theresa Mickelwait, assistant director of the Career Center, said the resume and interview process are both important aspects of receiving a job. Mickelwait said students won’t get an interview without a resume that stands out, and the interview happens when employers know the candidate is the right person for the job.

Students who have completed the program have improved communication skills to employers in written and spoken words, as well as learning to relate to experiences during a behavioral base interview, which demonstrates how they would react to a specific case and problem.

Albers, who has attended the program twice, said he has seen an increase in confidence when he tested his new skills at the Career Fair, landing several interviews.

“The Career Academy is for any student who wants experience because this process can be used while searching for internships as well,” Mickelwait said.

The academy also brings in guest speakers for students attending the sessions, to give an outside perspective of the job searching process.

In a session coming up, the program will host Frank Patton. a representative from First Investors Corporation.

Albers said he expects the next few sessions to be full while the end of the semester draws nearer and students are still without jobs.

After completing all the sessions, students will get a completion certificate and special recognition to the employers who recruit on campus.

Students must register online for the program through Wildcat CareerLink. Any UK student may sign up and students are instructed to bring a previously critiqued resume and cover letter before attending the program.

“The program usually has a session once a month, but we hope to offer more in the future semesters,” Mickelwait said.

The next session is scheduled for March 3, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.