Display showcases 3-D art from UK alum

By Amelia Orwick

Students will have the opportunity to see three-dimensional art from one of UK’s own on Tuesday.

Artwork by UK alum Waseem Touma will be on display for students in the Rasdall Gallery starting Tuesday.

Touma was born and raised in Sydney, Australia to Lebanese parents.

In 2003 he came to UK to earn a Master’s Degree of Fine Arts.

His multicultural background is the driving force behind his work as an artist.

This exhibit will showcase his installation works, which are three-dimensional and designed to alter a viewer’s perception of space.

Touma has not only received wide-spread recognition for his art work, but has also worked to become engaged in the communities in which he has lived. While in Kentucky, he was involved at the Living Arts and Science Center of Lexington and also taught at Governor’s School for the Arts.

“It’s a really interesting exhibit,” sophomore Architecture major and Associate director of the Cultural Arts Committee, Shannon Ruhl, said. “It will challenge students to think beyond what they normally see.”

Touma is currently working at the Kansas City Art Institute.

“Waseem is an artist that has really made a name for himself in the UK community and in the state of Kentucky,” Rambo said.