Expert speaks on effects of social networking

By Joy Priest

You have p Get Your Ex Back robably heard a million times about how your Facebook profile can affect your potential in the job market, but you probably don’t know what it is about your profile that is sending employers running back down Zuckerberg avenue.

You may think your social networking trail is spotless, but C. L. Lindsay may prove you wrong Wednesday night at 7 p.m. in Worsham Theater.

“We thought this would be relevant because virtually all college students use Facebook as a way to capture our experience, but it can harm you,” Sarah Ausmus, president of the Student Activities Board, said.

“C. L. Lindsay is going to come and talk about ways to be smart and protect your reputation so crazy things don’t come back and haunt you later on in life.”

Lindsay’s claim to workshop fame is making his presentations on social networking entertaining and interactive.

According to SAB’s website, he will use Facebook content from current UK students to make his point about what to avoid putting online.

“C.L. Lindsay is a hilarious Facebook and social networking expert that will talk on the importance of keeping your social networking sites clean,” Chelsea Melchor, director of the event, said.

“I wanted to bring him because I thought it was an important topic for college students to be aware of and he is so funny. I hope students come out … they might see their friends or themselves in his examples,” Melchor said.

Ausmus described this presentation different than most.

“I expect it to be really entertaining and enlightening and not super preachy,” Ausmus said. “I want students to come away with things they haven’t thought about before. I want to see that light bulb go off in people’s head.”

Ausmus says they found Lindsay at a conference, and he was very entertaining. She says she wants people to come because sometimes they don’t recognize how they represent themselves.

“We kind of just think Facebook is our own private thing,” Ausmus said. “People can make all sorts of assumptions about who we are from our profiles when we thoughtlessly put things online.”