Passports available through student ID office

By Jarrod Thacker

Future academic globetrotters don’t have to worry about where they can obtain their passport.

The WildCard ID Center, located in the Student Center, has been accepting passport applications as of January 2010, whereas before students interested in traveling abroad would have to locate a participating post office.

Every aspect of the process, including the photo, is done in the WildCard office.

“We wanted to provide the service only after we felt comfortable with the process, had all the supplies we needed and worked out logistics for having the operation reside (here),” Karen Doyle, operation manager of the WildCard ID Center, said.

Doyle explained that the application process to become a passport acceptance facility was a difficult transition and took about a year to complete.

Training was difficult to schedule due to distance from preparation facilities, in addition to learning the stringent guidelines required by government officials.

Currently, three members of the WildCard ID office are trained to provide the service.

Anthony Ogden, the director of education abroad, said having a passport acceptance facility makes it a lot easier on students interested in the studying abroad. He also discussed the importance of establishing an international identity to remain competitive.

“If you graduate from this or any institution without having international experience or knowledge, you’re just going to be behind … it’s not an option,” Ogden said. “Everyone’s working in close partnership to make sure you can have a meaningful international experience.”

The passport acceptance service at the WildCard ID Center is not an exclusive service to students; anyone can use it.

As of last year, 32 percent of the 615 applications were submitted by non-students or employees.

Those applicants were referred to the center only by the government’s official website,

No other advertisements have been done for the service other than with the Education Abroad program.

Anyone interested in submitting a passport application can make an appointment by calling 859-257-1378 or by walking-in at the WildCard ID office.

Applicants must have the necessary standard governmental documentation available and be prepared to pay the full fees with check or money order.