Lamb’s funny story on needles and holding hands



Doron Lamb was fine with a needle in the arm. But not in his butt.

Lamb had to take a shot before the game to help with the pain of a sprained ankle suffered in the semifinals. He was suited up and ready to go to warmups when a trainer called him back in for the shot.

Naturally, Lamb extended his arm.

The trainer told him it was another body part needed.

“I was like, no, I’m not doing that,” Lamb said. “I just won’t play.”

Eventually, Lamb complied. But he’s scared of needles. So he called the entire team in to help “psyche me up,” Lamb said.

Terrence Jones said he kept telling Lamb not to think about it. It won’t hurt that much, Jones told his roommate.

Even then, with the needle about to go in, Lamb grabbed Jones’ hands.

“Oh, yeah,” Jones said with no hesitation. “He was scared. I could feel his hand shaking.

“But that’s roomie love,” Jones continued. “If he needs me for anything, I’m there.”

As for the shot, it hurt less than he expected.

“It was a little pinch. But it was a big needle,” Lamb said, holding out his hands to indicate a long needle.

The shot worked. Lamb said he felt the effects about 20 minutes in. He ended up playing 23 minutes, scoring six points.

So, I asked, was winning an SEC Championship worth a shot in the butt?

“Yeah, yeah yeah,” Lamb said.