Social media helps future employment: Lecture to give do’s and don’ts of network sites

By Eva McEnrue

A Facebook page is an all-access peek into the life of a person for family, friends and potential employers. Questionably tagged pictures may receive a few “likes” and comments from friends, but future employers are not likely to be amused.

These issues are the topic of a seminar today called “Social Networking Online: Using Social Media to Create Your Network,” where students can learn how to use social media networking to positively impact their future job aspirations.

“Many students do not realize that employers are now using social networking to screen job candidates,” Azetta Beatty, the assistant director for the Stuckert Career Center, said.

With a few clicks of the mouse, businesses have access to photos, activities, friends and interests.

“Students not only need to be aware of their online activities, but what their friends are posting as well,” Beatty said. “Even though a photo may not be posted on your personal site does not mean employers are unable to search the Internet and find it.”

Alumni Association Career Counselor Kelly Higgins will discuss what to consider when posting pictures and comments online.

The seminar, sponsored by the GatCat Professionalism Series, will provide tips on how to manage privacy settings and limit accessibility to information.

Students can also learn how to connect with businesses and apply for job and internship opportunities.

“Social networking provides a great avenue for students to learn about a company and build relationships with people involved in various organizations,” Beatty said.

Higgins will demonstrate how to use the professional social networking website to create a professional profile, post resumes, network with companies and learn about professional opportunities.

The workshop will share tips and information, provide demonstrations and answer students’ questions on how to use social networking as an effective career-building tool, Beatty said.

“Social Networking Online: Using Social Media to Create Your Network” is today at 3 p.m. in the Student Center, room 230.