Postgame altercation involving Buckner and Liggins

After UK’s win over Ole Miss, an altercation occurred between Mississippi’s Reginald Buckner and UK’s DeAndre Liggins.

Both teams walked off the court at the same time and down the same walkway. The incident occurred out of media’s eyeshot, and was quickly stopped by security in the area. Video from WTVQ showed Buckner being restrained by teammates and carried down the tunnel toward the locker room.

Liggins said he “might have said something like ‘Y’all are going home” that set Buckner off, but that Buckner initiated the incident.

“He tried to come after me, but people were grabbing,” Liggins said. “I just backed up, trying to protect myself.”

Liggins said no actual punches were thrown or connected, because teammates intervened quickly.

“I guess Buckner lost his composure or whatever. I didn’t react to him. Of course I was going to defend myself if he swung on me or something.”

When Buckner was asked about it after the game, he said “no comment” before a Mississippi official pulled him aside in a separate room.

Liggins said Buckner was frustrated because of the loss and because he had been getting under his skin during the game.

“He got mad because I was taking the ball out of his hands when the ref called travel or something,” Liggins said.

Liggins has become known for his passionate play and penchant for talking on the court. After UK played Tennessee last week, Bruce Pearl said he didn’t like it, but recognized it was part of the game.

Liggins said the incident would not make him reconsider his talking to opponents.

“No. That’s part of what I do. I know how to react and how not to react,” Liggins said. “But there’s a point I have to stop and be positive and do the right things.”

The security guard closest to the situation declined comment.