Apocalyptic predictions for Gadhafi, Sheen



Considering the way things are going in 2011, Nostradamus may be on point with his 2012 apocalyptic prophecies … well, maybe for a few key characters.

Let’s consider the attack of the craziness ensuing on our world recently. Moammar Ga

dhafi. Donald Trump. Charlie Sheen. Lexington weather.

OK, I threw that last one in for effect. But seriously, a madman across the map is killing thousands of his people; a Trump-ed up reality TV star is considering a run for the Big Job; and a crack cocaine addict is #winning.

Well, at least the weather was pleasant this week (cue the monsoon expected this weekend).

In a disillusioned effort to maintain his rule over Libya, Gadhafi adds insult to, well, menagerie in a country he has wreaked havoc on for 42 years.

He has gone as far to threaten opening his arsenals to his supporters and directing Libyan military pilots to drop bombs on demonstrators.

You’d think at 68 years old he would give up. Crazy people don’t do that. His over-zealous fashion sense and bad manners sort of remind me of a deluded Disney villain. Remember Jafar from Aladdin?


there’s Donald Trump, announcing yet another possibility of his crack at the most important position in the world — the president of the United States of America. I mean really, what qualifies him for politics?

Better yet, why does he think he can go from reality TV success to the hardest position in the political realm of America?

Argue he’s a business genius if you wish, but be sure to do your research and you will find a history of bankruptcy and a man on hunt for publicity.

Can you realistically picture him dealing with this situation in Libya? “Gadhafi, you’re fired!”

Finally, in an attempt to gain back respect or publicity, whichever one, Charlie Sheen has signed up for an interview cycle proclaiming he is “cured” from his drug addiction.

Maybe he’s a genius that has learned in current American pop culture integrity doesn’t equal publicity.

In any instance, his recent antics have earned him a competing news spot with Gadhafi and a new Guinness World Record for “Fastest Time To Reach One Million Followers” on Twitter. He is indeed #winning.

This year has already proved fruitful for history’s penmen, talk show hosts and Nostradamus. The publicity cycle will inevitably mean an “end of the world” for Gadhafi, Trump and Sheen. What will be next?