Foreign-language publications diversify campus

By Gary Hermann

Several new publications have started at UK this year and each brings its own unique content and perspective to the UK community.

“In fi nI” is a creative writing foreign language journal that will include poetry, prose and fiction.

In fi nI was started by biology and French junior Shady El-Maraghi as a Gaines Center project.

“We have a good variety of languages and styles,” El-Maraghi said.

His task was to “implement a project to benefit a community.” He said he chose the UK community.

He came up with the idea upon returning from overseas.

“I came back and would write things in French, but there was no outlet,” El-Maraghi said.

El-Maraghi said he received submissions in Japanese, French and German, among other languages. The submission deadline was April 5. The works are currently being judged and El-Maraghi hopes to have copies out before finals.

The World Report will bring world news to UK and has been busy since the Kernel first reported on it on March 6.

“The World Report is to serve as a source of international news, centering on the international dynamic and its significance in the university community,” biology pre-medicine sophomore MeNore Lake said. “The organization’s long term goal is to transition from a monthly online publication into a print publication.”

The World Report has held its first informational meeting and first brainstorming session. According to Lake, their next step is to set an organizational agenda.

“I founded The World Report in order to integrate the two differing worlds I encountered as part of my transition into college as a freshman: the university course realm and the world of international news that I found at home,” Lake said.

According to Lake, The World Report will include faculty and student input as well as reports from UK students studying abroad.

Students will use the remainder of the spring semester and the upcoming summer to prepare for the first online issue for Fall 2011, according to Lake. New members are encouraged to attend the upcoming meeting which has not been confirmed but updates are available on The World Report’s Facebook page.

Interested students can contact Lake at [email protected].

Cats Figment is an undergraduate liberal arts publication showcasing students work in short story poetry and visual art.

“It’s a way for students on campus in the art department and creative writing to get their work out there early on in their career,” arts administration, art history and English junior Ashleigh Lovelace said.

According to Lovelace, the publication will be about 25 pages and will see a limited release in the writing and English departments. It is intended to be an annual journal.

“Next year, we’d like to do a collaborative effort with the creative writing faculty,” Lovelace said.