Classes can spark interest in Chinese language, culture

By Whitney Allen

UK students have the opportunity to use free classes from the UK Confucius Institute as a “testing ground” for their interest in Chinese language and culture.

The Confucius Institute serves as a gateway between China and Kentucky by enhancing the understanding of China in schools, universities and communities across the Commonwealth through programs and partnerships that focus on Chinese language, culture and arts, according to its website.

“UK students can volunteer in our institute in our activities: spring camp, summer camp and many other activities we sponsor,” Confucius Institute Director Huajing Maske said. “UK Confucius Institute will be an important part of the ArtsAsia in the fall and College of Arts and Sciences’ China Year.”

According to Maske, the Confucius Institute may organize students’ trips in the future to China and offer opportunities for students to interact with Chinese students who are invited to campus for summer camps.

“Having the opportunity to learn about another culture is always intriguing,” journalism junior Cody Porter said. “It gives us as students the opportunity to broaden our skills and knowledge — which we can take to any job in the workforce.”