Website geared toward UK fans



There are certain things unique to UK, such as the desire for anything basketball. The Big Blue Nation is loud and proud, and now these fans have an online outlet.

A new website has been created for fans and students to express their feelings for the school., a website formed earlier this year by UK student Evan Gunter, is a place for Kentucky fans, students, teachers and alumni to share their unique UK stories with each other in a format similar to other social networking sites.

“The point of OnlyatUK is simple,” Gunter said, “It’s a place to express events, your feelings or anything else that pertains to the University of Kentucky, good or bad.”

Gunter said the idea dawned on him while sitting in class.

“UK was doing awesome in the tournament and I wanted to do something where I could express those feelings to Big Blue Nation, and they could express similar feelings to me,” he said.

Similar websites to OnlyatUK exist, like Total Frat Move, with the popular saying “TFM.”

OnlyatUK has its unique tag: “OAUK” (pronounced “oh-aye-you-kay”), which is added to the end of any comment posted on the site or on Twitter as its unifying symbol.

“I think it’s a unique spin on some more popular sites,” Kyle Piercy, a UK student and regular user of the site, said. “The best part is that it was made by a student and is completely student run.”

Gunter said he plans to keep building the site and eventually include new sections to get even more people involved.

“I plan on adding an image section and hall of fame section to implement over the summer,” he said.

Anyone interested in sharing their stories is encouraged to log on to, create a username and share unique stories about UK with the rest of the Wildcat faithful.

The website can also be found on Twitter, @OnlyatUK and using the hashtag, #OAUK.

“I just wanted to build something to give back to the community,” Gunter said, “OAUK is definitely getting around.”