SG executive branch applications available

By Drew Teague

One student organization is taking applications for positions that will give students real-life experience.

Students can apply to be part of the UK Student Government Association’s Executive Branch staff.

Micah Fielden, the SG president-elect, said he and Nikki Hurt, the SG vice president-elect, said they have only given one position out.

“We have a chief-of-staff and that’s it, everything else is fair game,” Fielden said. “We did that because we wanted to be fair, give everyone a fair shot. We wanted to stay away from nepotism or the ‘good old boy club’ where you just kind of know the person and get it. We want the most qualified people to be appointed.”

Hurt said they have set the application up so people can express who they are, their talents and their interest, showing Fielden and Hurt why they should be appointed to a position.

“We are trying to find the best individuals for the job,” Hurt said.

Fielden said the positions should be filled before the end of the semester, so when school returns in August the new administration can begin.

“We have our application out,” Fielden said. “It’s a two step process. We’re going to do a paper application and resume, then after that we are going to meet with the people next week. Hopefully we’ll have quite a few of the positions full.”

Hurt said they have spread the word about the application for the executive staff positions though various types of communication, like Twitter, Facebook and emails.

“We are really trying to get a diverse group of individuals who really want to be involved and who really want to help further our mission and just kind of make a difference,” Hurt said.

Fielden and Hurt plan on doing another push for people to fill the rest of the executive staff positions when classes start in August, allowing freshmen to become involved with SG.

“We are going to have more applicants and this is going to give freshmen a chance to join the exec staff as well as programs,” Fielden said.

For more information on the application or executive positions visit

Applications are due Friday, April 29 by 5 p.m.

Fielden and Hurt will be going through them during the weekend and contacting people for interviews soon after.