College football rules changes include points negated for taunting

New rules were adopted by the NCAA for the upcoming college football season.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel adopted multiple rules changes on Thursday, according to the Associated Press, including these four:

  • Touchdowns will be nullified if a player is called for taunting the opponent before crossing the goal line on a touchdown. Originally approved last April, the NCAA decided to push back the implementation a year. Examples of taunting include pointing the ball at opponents and high-stepping into the end zone. If the player is called for taunting before crossing the goal line, the ball will be placed at the spot of the foul and the touchdown will be wiped away. If it occurs after he crosses the goal line, a 15-yard penalty will be assessed on the ensuing extra-point attempt, two-point conversion or kickoff.
  • Penalties called within the last minute of each half will give the other team the option of running 10 seconds off the clock (in addition to accepting the penalty yardage). This rule is similar to the one in place in the NFL.
  • Video monitors displaying live feeds of the game are now allowed in the coaches booth. Recordings are not allowed — only live broadcasts — and if the home team uses one, it must provide monitors for the visiting team.
  • Intentional grounding rules were changed. Now, fouls will only be called if no player is in the area of the pass, as opposed to requiring a receiver to have a “reasonable opportunity” to catch a pass.

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