The Twitter World of Terrence Jones

When Terrence Jones announced he would be announcing his basketball future via Twitter on Saturday, it meant that everyone would have equal access to the breaking news. Click refresh often enough, and you might be the first to retweet the news. It made the media relatively obsolete, at least in the traditional sense of delivering the news. Social media has allowed for the elimination of the intermediary, in many ways.

Regardless, Jones tweeted throughout the night after the word spread that Twitter would be the vessel for the news of his decision. A tweet-by-tweet breakdown as Jones’ Twitter account became a warped version of a press conference.

This picture shows Jones and Brandon Knight getting cozy on the court during some unidentifiable game in which we can assume UK won or Knight just made a big play. Knight appears to have seen a camera on the other side and is trying to look as if he is an unwilling half of this man-hug.

Considering Knight announced his decision to go pro hours before this Tweet was posted, it seems reasonable to speculate that Jones is showing that as Knight goes, he goes.

55 % chance of going pro.




Jones rises for a dunk against Alabama in the SEC Championship. The scissor-kick pose was a pretty striking and memorable one, although I can’t think of many scenarios that would naturally lead to this leg arrangement.

The picture shows Jones in his purest form, soaring for an unimpeded two points. Perhaps this picture is Jones recalling one of his fondest moments/memories of the year, and letting the world know that he’s not ready to give that up just yet. After all, NBA teams don’t play in (half of) the Georgia Dome.

52 % chance of going pro.



Eloy Vargas, Doron Lamb and Enes Kanter do various signs of pose-striking, finger-pointing, and general cheesing for the camera in a restaurant of some sort. I have not been able to verify this, but I assume E.D.E. stands for Eloy-Doron-Enes, which makes me think this trio must be especially close to have a group nickname.

Jones knows this is his family — earlier in the day, he also tweeted pictures of himself, Knight and Stacey Poole — and two of these three players will be returning to UK. Is Jones capturing a yearbook-type moment, or showing that he’s sticking around with these people? Unfortunately, the group nickname does not include the letter T, rendering results inconclusive.

47 % chance of going pro.

Jones flashes the ubiquitous three-finger sign, although it is in open space rather than over the eye as it customarily was seen throughout the year. Also, Jones has a game-face worthy of high school team photos.

Three years of eligibility forfeited? Or that the No. 3 UK jersey will again be occupied by a 6-foot-8 Portland native?

50 % chance of going pro.


The team poses for the camera. Everyone has some sort of headgear except for Enes Kanter. Jones’ outfit looks like some oddly colored version of Michael J. Fox in “Back to the Future.”

I’m running out of ways to say that Jones is depicting how much he likes this team. At first, I thought Jay-Z would be in this picture somewhere, but he’s definitely not. What I’m wondering: should Jones decide he is in fact going pro, does this Twitter escapade backfire on him? Or are fans understanding enough?

45 % chance of going pro.


Jones celebrates in his championship swag after UK won the SEC Tournament. UK was so hyped after winning that tournament. I remember asking Jones if he actually did hold Lamb’s hand when Lamb had to get a shot, and Jones shot back “Of course,” without hesitation.

At this point, it just seems like Jones is producing a year-end photo slideshow of the year at an 8th grade/high school graduation. But honestly, my biggest thing is this: what exactly is going through Jones’ mind when he is selecting what photos to post? I don’t ask that in an accusatory manner. I just simply have no idea if he is trying to accomplish something or is simply just having fun. And I’m leaning toward the latter.

54 % chance of going pro.


A rare non-photographic Tweet provides the most cryptic one of all: “Driving in the car with no music on can make you think alot maybe that only happens to people that want to do alot.” Whether he was actually driving in the car and contemplating his possible NBA life, I have no idea, because a few minutes later he posts this:

Now I’m done with this silliness. In the 24-hour time frame, which will consist of The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports and a highly anticipated announcement at an unspecified time, we will have an idea of what Jones has been thinking of Friday night. Or not.