There’s not much to the Memphis-UK basketball talks

It doesn’t appear a UK-Memphis basketball series will be happening anytime soon.

After word sprang up about the possibility of trying to get games scheduled between the two teams, Josh Pastner cleared things up.

“It’s been talked about a while back, just very briefly,” Pastner said. “But UK has a lot of games on their schedule already wrapped up. Nothing’s going to happen in the immediate future. We have Louisvile, Xavier, Tennessee. I don’t see anything in the immediate future, but we’ll see what happens down the line.”

The Memphis Flyer reported that Pastner had talked about the idea of playing UK at a recent rotary club meeting, but did not offer a direct quote. Attempts to reach the writer of the article for context were unsuccessful. After talking to Commercial Appeal writers who also attended the event, it was evident Pastner responded to a question about the series, which is a much different thing than actively bringing up the issue.

Memphis restored a series with Louisville over the summer.