Wildcat Wardrobe provides free professional clothing, hosts open house for students


Grace Hager

Free of charge and hassle, the University of Kentucky’s Wildcat Wardrobe helps all students dress for success by offering a wardrobe full of business and professional attire for students. 

The wardrobe is a free professional clothing service created by the Student Government Association (SGA). Students are able to request clothing or go into the wardrobe and get whatever they need for a job interview, presentation or anything else for which they might need professional clothing. 

What started back in 2016 as a small closet in Blazer Hall has turned into a massive wardrobe in the basement of White Hall. As well as having its own location, the wardrobe has its very own website to shop on. 

Behind the Wildcat Wardrobe is junior Claire Dzan, who has overseen delegating, buying and organizing sincer her freshman year in 2018. She first got involved with SGA then the wardrobe, which is funded and run by SGA. 

She has been working on achieving her goal of revamping the wardrobe to more fitting pieces and ones students would enjoy.

Dzan is extremely proud of the wardrobe and loves all that it stands for. 

“The wardrobe really facilitates this sense of philanthropy and community in UK’s campus amongst students and faculty, because faculty are giving old professional clothing for students, and students are using it to amplify their professional career,” Dzan said. “It’s just a great opportunity for the faculty to give back to their students.”

On Feb. 9, from 5-7 p.m., the wardrobe will be hosting an open house event at their location in White Hall. This event is open to all undergraduate and graduate students.

Free Cane’s, ties and winter coats are all to be included at the event, in addition to a raffle. Every attendee will be automatically entered to pick out $125-worth of brand-new professional clothing.

For general information on how to use the Wildcat Wardrobe service, students can visit their website to schedule an in-person appointment or submit an online order. For the most recent updates and news, follow their Instagram @ukwildcatwardrobe or email [email protected].