Risks surrounding college campuses

By Adrienne Braudis

Students returning to UK for the fall semester should be aware of risks surrounding college campuses.

One major problem on campus is theft, UK Police Chief Joe Monroe said. When asked why he thought students are victimized, Monroe said, “Students have false sense of security.”

One tip he gave to help students avoid risky situations is to keep personal belogings hidden, since these are “crimes of opportunity.”

Monroe suggests having a picture of personal items. This and other information about an item can help in the recovery of stolen possessions, he said.

For overall safety, Monroe recommends that students pay attention to their surroundings.

Another risk college students face is substance abuse, including Adderall. Adderall is a drug prescribed to patients with ADHD, but is often taken by students to increase their energy levels and help them stay awake longer.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, non-medical Adderall use doubles with full-time students between the ages of 18 and 22.

“People are very nonchalant about these things,” Dr. Matthew Neltner, a physician with University Health Services, said.

He added that Adderall is a schedule II narcotic that “elevates the blood pressure and the pulse,” so it can be dangerous if use isn’t carefully monitored.

Neltner’s prescription for avoiding stress and subtance abuse problems is time management. “Sleep deprivation is hazardous to your IQ,” Neltner said.

Additionally, bedbugs have been found in communal living areas around campus, such as apartments and dorms.

Before classes started this semester, there was a bedbug incident in the Student Center. There have also been some occurrences in the dorms.

Last year, Madison Shiner, a pre-nursing student, experienced a bedbug problem in her dorm room.

She described the incident as “terrifying” and “embarrassing”.

Sarah Nikirk, associate director associate of Auxiliary Services, said to not be embarrassed or to panic and that it is not an epidemic on UK’s campus.

They don’t carry disease or viruses, Nikirk said. Nikirk dispelled the myth that a person gets bedbugs because they are “untidy.” She called bedbugs the “perfect hitchhiker,” because they will cling to clothes or backpacks and then transport from one area to another.

“If you think you have a problem with pests, contact our FIXIT office immediately,” Nikirk said. “Bed bugs are challenging to get rid of but not impossible if you follow the right procedures.”