UK football manager keeps it all in check


Portrait of Miles ????? on the UK Athletics Nutter Training Center grounds in Lexington Kentucky , Sept. 14, 2011. Photo by Brandon Goodwin

By Paul Martin

Myles Poole is part of a busy team each fall, but he doesn’t mind the work. It’s the opportunity to be involved with the sport he loves that motivates him to help the UK football program.

Poole is entering his fourth year as equipment manager at UK. Helmets, cleats, jerseys and setting up drill programs are just a few of the responsibilities given to Poole throughout the season. Balancing his job and schoolwork is difficult but rewarding.

“During a typical week, we are here at 6 a.m., preparing for practice and setting up everything for the players and coaches,” Poole said.

Poole is a part of a team behind the scenes, one that employs 16 other equipment managers just for football purposes. Two managers are assigned to each position group on the football team to help with practice drills.

Poole was designated this year to help the linebacker core. One drill in particular is called the Buck drill, which uses a long pad on a sled that simulates fighting off an offensive lineman.

“It makes it easier on the coaches if we have the drills set up for them, so they can step right in and coach,” Poole said.

Being a senior and having worked with UK football going on four years, one of the perks is attending road games. Poole has two on the radar this fall.

“Honestly I’m looking forward to our trip to Baton Rouge,” Poole said. “Also, I am excited about Georgia and experiencing ‘between the hedges.’ The Southeastern Conference has very passionate fan bases.”

Other advantages include being reimbursed for time spent working at the football complex. Partial room and board, along with tuition coverage are rewards for upperclassmen who stick with UK football throughout their collegiate career.

Poole was not able to play big time college football out of high school, so he came up with a different strategy before entering UK.

“I told myself that if I can’t be on the field, I wanted to be on the sideline,” Poole said.

This move has been a wonderful decision for Poole, who will have spent all four years helping UK football while finishing up a degree in kinesiology.

Having “blue in the blood” has been a long tradition for Poole’s family, even with Louisville roots. According to Poole, his parents never intended on their son missing a game or being a Cardinal supporter.

“My parents have had UK football season tickets since the 70s,” Poole said. “I was at my first UK game when I was four months of age. I have never missed a UK football home game in 21 years.”

Savoring his senior season is high on the agenda for Poole. It appears that he has enjoyed his stint so far with UK football.

“It’s a family atmosphere around here and everyone is really nice,” Poole said. “It’s a privilege to get to know the coaches and players on a personal basis.”