Response team created to fight hate, negative bias

By Kayla Pickrell

A Bias Incident Response Team was formed by President Eli Capilouto and announced Wednesday morning.

The team was created to promote an equal environment for all ranges of diversity.

With the help of nine organizations, students will be able to fight against “hate and negative bias in the campus community,” Capilouto said in an email to students.

“The team will help new students feel more comfortable and feel less of a gap between race and religion,” said Bethany Wurl, freshman equine management major. “It will make students more aware of the culture and diversity of campus.”

Capilouto stresses that each individual do their part to make the community aware that hate is not okay.

“We encourage each person in the UK community to pledge to do his/her part on a daily basis to help protect and nurture our community,” Capilouto said.

Last year, CARES helped more than 1,200 students graduate and retain their GPAs.

This is the first act for the response team and they will continue to effectively help the underrepresented students.

“It’s awful that people are still so prejudice against people because of their background in this day and age,” said Melissa Copeland, an undergraduate studies sophomore. “Hopefully the protocol the BIRT is going to publish will actually help get rid of negative bias and help students accept diversity.”

BIRT will carry the motto, “If you see something, say something!” throughout its campaign and will grow as students become aware and determined to join.

Capilouto said the team is important and hopes that each student senses the urgency of their efforts.

“An affront to one group or one person in our community should be understood as an affront to us all,” Capilouto said.