Student wins prestigious clinical lab award

By Arion Wright

One UK student who signifies UK’s core values will receive a national award in October for her work in Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

Scottia Miller will receive the G2 Excellence Award on Oct. 21. Each year, a student is given $5,000 to “further the education” in Clinical Laboratory Sciences, according to the Lab Institute.

“The criteria for submission is a worthy student, an individual who has achieved or demonstrates a high level of knowledge, motivation and drive for educational excellence in clinical laboratory sciences, and a student who could develop into a future leader,” according to the website.

Miller, who is originally from the Bahamas, has a passion for research, which began in the 11th grade. She said her passion is for research that helps make the hospital more efficient.

“Clinical Laboratory Science is all about emersion of blood work,” Miller said.

Miller will attend a three-day conference Oct. 19-21 in Arlington, Va. The Washington G2 Intelligence conference is one of the largest Laboratory management conferences in the country.

At the conference, she said she is looking forward to meeting the various CEOs that will be speaking and attending events about lab work.

She said she is excited to receive the G2 Excellence Award.

“Medical laboratory is a great program for any freshman to look up if there is any interest,” Miller said. “It is a prestigious program.”

Miller plans to enroll in Graduate School in 18 months, and said she wants to become an “influential leader in blood work.”