Global warming will cause ‘freakish’ weather, heat waves

A soon-to-be-released report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has found that freakish weather disasters are striking more often as a result of global warming.

According to The Associated Press, the new IPCC report says scientists are “virtually certain” that the world will have more extreme spells of heat and fewer of cold. Heat waves could peak as much as five degrees hotter by mid-century and even nine degrees hotter by the end of the century.

In other climate news, a prominent skeptic of global warming has admitted that climate change is real and now says the rising levels of greenhouse gases could have a disastrous impact on the world.

Richard Muller, who works at the University of California, Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, said he spent the last two years studying the climate data. He found that the land is 1.6 degrees warmer than in the 1950s.

Muller’s change of heart has made headlines in part because of who funds his research. One-quarter of the $600,000 research funding he receives came from the right-wing Charles G. Koch Foundation.

All of this information was compiled by the daily news program, “Democracy Now!.”