Police attacking Occupy protesters

Wake up and look around you. Do you know what’s going on in the world around you? Are you sure of that? If you are then quit looking for your Sudoku and read this.

I am upset. I am mad. I am enraged. I am incensed. I am disgusted. I am tired. I am sick. I am pissed off. And if you’re not you’re blind, heartless or so willfully ignorant that you’re beyond all hope of saving.

Over the past weeks, the brutality expressed against groups of people in this country has been repulsive. The Occupy Denver and Oakland protesters and those involved in the Occupy movement in general are preaching nothing but nonviolence, yet everywhere we are, we’re finding nothing but violent resistance from those in places of power.

The media is distorting this by the use of the term “clash.” When unarmed citizens are shot at with “less than lethal” weapons, like those that almost took the life of an American veteran last week, it’s not a clash — it’s an attack — plain and simple.

Moreover, the brutality knows no bounds and there have been reports, through social media and eyewitnesses, of police assaulting minors and pregnant women in Denver this past Saturday.

It seems as though the ability to do harm to another human being is something that can be wielded so indiscriminately as to forget the humanity of the people being attacked. Are you kidding me?

If you still think we’re on the wrong side of things here you desperately need to rethink your position. Things are getting to be disgusting and we need to hold those in power accountable for the actions that they’ve condoned by not vehemently speaking out against these atrocities.

We need to make it clear to our friends and family that they too need to speak up now before all hope is lost.

You’re either with us or you watch idly by and, in doing so, consent to the unimaginable harms still to come and those occurring as we speak.