SG organizes rally in response to possible tuition hikes

By Kayla Pickrell

Students are standing up to the threat of tuition increases by rallying in Frankfort, emailing the governor and talking to representatives.

“Any type of tuition increase is unacceptable,” Jackson Cofer, an arts administration junior, said. “If they don’t hear anything, they will sneak stuff past you.”

President Eli Capilouto sent out a campus-wide email Tuesday regarding the budget address, and said students need to realize that “we are living in a ‘new normal.’”

Capilouto wants students to understand that the “days of sustained increases” of support from the government are coming to a close.

The Student Government Association has created a day for students to travel to Frankfort and rally outside of the Capitol Building.

“Students need to come to show support for higher education and support for UK,” Micah Fielden, Student Government president, said. “We need to show the governor that we cannot handle the tuition rises.”

Students will meet on Feb. 7 to voice their opinions on the budget proposal.

“Students need to start saying something,” Cofer said. “The governor isn’t going to personally ask you if a tuition increase is okay with you.”

Before higher tuition rates are approved, a board has to come up with a rate that will help with the state funding cuts.

The Board of Trustees and Capilouto then set a meeting to discuss if the percentage increase is beneficial or even worth it, Fielden said.

“This is a difficult time for the university and there is no doubt that it is hurting everybody,” Fielden said. “UK needs money and funding to avoid the tuition increases.”

Students who want to rally and sign the petition can visit to find more information.