Time for students to unite on important issues, tuition

Somehow we have made it uncool to voice our opinions. I use we and our to target us students, our generation, young adults.

Think about it, mostly everything our generation does is loud; the way we dress, the music we listen to and the pop culture we accept.

However, it seems we become more vocal about the latest episode of Jersey Shore than “situations” in Frankfort, and for that I classify us as a silent generation.

We cannot afford to be silent any longer.

We cannot afford to allow the state government to deprive the institutions and colleges of this state from the funding it desperately needs. According to each universities’ website of the 12 current SEC schools, UK has the fourth highest undergraduate tuition for in-state residents taking 12 or more credit hours, only ahead of the University of Auburn, University of Florida and Vanderbilt.

Students from my high school who were accepted into UK and were capable of succeeding had to pass on the opportunity because the price was already too steep. That should never happen. Secondary education should never be just for those who can afford it, but should be for those who want to continue their education because of their ambitions or hunger for a better life.

As a student, I will put it in a more enticing perspective. The budget cuts from the state government would increase tuition, and dare I say, possibly reduce or completely eliminate the money you’re using for spring break. Are you furious yet?

We are the minds of the future. We are the innovators who will fix the agricultural problems troubling our local farmers. We hold the creative ideas on how to replace energy and jobs in the eastern mountains of Kentucky. We hold this potential, yet our government seeks to penalize us for flaws within the state’s economy.

You should be morphing into a raging Hulk from such injustice, yet collectively we do nothing. But I guess we were those kids who had their lunch money stolen and never decided to fight back because clearly we are getting bullied by the lawmakers in Frankfort.

One rally at the Capitol or one phone call doesn’t show the persistence we need to spark change. To truly make an impact, we must be united as a student body.

We are the ones who will be affected from these decisions, not those who are making them. We are the ones who must be heard.

So call your district legislator, email the suites in Frankfort, visit our Student Government and ask for ways to get involved, tweet how mad you are — do something.

Are we only capable of standing up for an Anthony Davis dunk, or will we stand up united and face the state government? Are we too cool to make a difference, or is this the year we put our imprints on the Commonwealth?