UK should better prepare seniors for the real world



Graduation is around the corner, and reality is beginning to set in for many of us graduating seniors.

The truth is, there are so many thoughts, feelings and emotions that come along with crossing the stage at graduation and shaking President Capilouto’s hand.

Initially the feeling is of excitement, to know you’ve finally made it through all of those grueling hours in the library, last minute papers and group projects. But then there is the feeling that suddenly begins to seep deep within; the feeling of anxiety and confusion.

The real question presented is “now what?” Now that you have successfully received the degree you came here for, what are you going to do next? Or better yet, how are you going to do it? Are you going to purchase a new car? Buy a house? Start an investment portfolio?

So let’s say that is what you wanted to do after graduation, where do you start?

Here at UK, incoming freshmen and new students are required to take UK 101 to help get them acclimated to the college experience, campus, and so forth.

But there isn’t an option for seniors who may want answers about life post-grad.

It would be extremely beneficial for UK to offer an optional exit course for graduating seniors; UK 401K.

The course would be for a span of eight weeks or so, and would provide students with education on how to address real-world scenarios; such as how to go about getting a mortgage, investment plans, the purpose and importance of a 401K plan, how to negotiate a benefits package at work, and making your credit score work for you, just to name examples.

It doesn’t seem like many colleges and universities are recognizing this need to better prepare their seniors for well-rounded success.

Yes, we have taken all of the courses to fulfill requirements to receive our degree, but college is also a tool used to prepare us for life and all that may come with it.

UK 401K is not a course for UK to “parent” us, but to use faculty and staff to inform students, just like UK 101 is set out to do.

If it is UK’s mission to provide students with the best education possible upon graduation, I believe this optional exit course should strongly be considered.

It is for the greater good of future Wildcat Alumni.