Better apps provide better news coverage

The Kernel is pleased to release new versions of its Blue Nation Blog app and Kentucky Kernel news app.

These apps will allow us as student journalists to provide the most up-to-date news to campus faster and with better features than ever before, including push notifications for breaking news.

Kentucky Kernel news will be a feed of all of our Kernel content, including news, features, sports and opinions.

For you sports fans waiting for SEC and NCAA tournaments that are just around the corner, the Blue Nation Blog app will have the latest coverage when the Cats go through March Madness.

These are redone versions of the apps the Kernel currently has, but users will need to redownload the app.

I promise the download will be worth it (because, for one, the apps are free). But for another, we work hard everyday to cover UK and provide you with the latest news. This app is just another way for us to reach you.

The apps are available for the Android and Apple markets, including a specific version for iPads.

To download the new apps, search Blue Nation Blog for the sports app, and Kentucky Kernel, for the news app. To make sure you have the downloaded the correct app, check the release date, which is Feb. 17, 2012, for both.

Scan the links below to download the Kentucky Kernel mobile apps, according to your phone’s operating system.


Scan the links below to download the Blue Nation Blog mobile apps, according to your phone’s operating system.