Bar opening near campus hopes to revive Euclid

By Rob Ellery

A new bar is opening near campus, with one goal in mind.

“All we want to do is create a place that’s fun,” said TBar owner TJ Gordon.

Located at 500 Euclid Ave., TBar displays a “Top Secret” banner outside.

Gordon said he wants to gain interest as he continues to reveal details about the business.

From the staff to the atmosphere, Gordon said he wants to provide an exciting environment for his customers.

TBar will have big screen TVs, high top tables, a jukebox and couches.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights they will have a disc jockey and a dance floor.

“We’re hoping to revive Euclid Avenue to what it used to be,” Gordon said.

He plans to offer weekly happy hour specials and said he hopes the bar will be known for its yard cup drinks and all-sliders menu.

The yard cup will hold mixed drinks in a tall, slender plastic cup that comes with a long straw.

Gordon said they will offer both 25 and 100 ounce yard cups customers will be able to keep upon purchase.

The all-sliders menu may include 15-20 different types of small sandwiches, according to TBar’s website.

Gordon said he can’t announce anything officially until he gets licensing approval from the city, but he hopes to open before March.

He plans on having a smaller, late night menu.

Stevi Haskins, an animal science senior, said she was happy to hear about the new establishment.

“I’m excited that there is a new place to fly to on campus,” she said.

Mariah Francis, an anthropology and classics sophomore, said she is thrilled about the location.

“It’s cool to have another chill place close to campus that you can go to for a drink without the inconvenience of driving,” she said.

Gordon said he plans to begin hiring this week and hopes to attract a fun and energetic staff to create an enjoyable experience for customers.

“It’s going to be a fun spot,” Gordon said. “It’s going to be different.”

For more information about TBar, follow @TBar500 on Twitter or visit its website,