UK fraternities not comprised of ‘better men’

Raising money for charity is a positive reflection of fraternities and sororities for UK.

Community service hours are another positive reflection of fraternities and sororities for UK.

Wrapping a young man in toilet paper and setting him on fire? Is this a positive reflection of fraternities and sororities for UK?

Sigma Alpha Epsilon received the boot from campus for good reason. Other fraternities that received either sanctions or suspensions were given those for good reason as well.

Underage drinking in the fraternity house? Selling drugs out of the fraternity house? Come on, guys.

I know a thing or two about being in real fraternity. I was a president of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and a member of the Freemasons, and these men are not setting a good example for the younger generation, or the “new guys” as Delta Tau Delta President Brandon Butler said in his deft explanation of how the sanctions affected his fraternity in the related Dec. 1 article.

The relation to dorm life is also utterly ridiculous. In a dorm, the person in the room next to you isn’t your sworn brother and does not have any responsibility to make sure you are representing yourself and your organization with pride.

The boys of SAE claim to be “True Gentlemen,” until they need a laugh, I guess.

In the end, fraternities need to realize they add little actual value to campus as a whole. They may mean a great deal in the sorority circle but that, too, is a small part of campus.

Fraternity means brotherhood, looking out for your brother, helping to raise your brother and if your brother is caught forcing someone to drink until they puke, you are just as liable because you didn’t stop it.

Grow up, little boys. Take your punishment, learn from it and do what many of your charters claim your mission is and “become better men.”