Nightmares of autocorrect

By Sara Hildreth

In a world where text messaging prevails over a phone call and thumbs do all the typing, there is but one enemy.

Auto correct.

“Please go to to vote Steven and me the cutest Viagra couple”.

Excuse me, what?

This was a text message sent on Valentine’s Day from Jenna Miller, a hospitality management senior.

Of course she didn’t mean Viagra—her boyfriend is far too young. She meant Valentine’s couple.

Auto correct is a feature in many smartphones that is supposed to help, not hinder, when texting.

However, auto correct leaves the door open for all possibilities.

This automatic correction is in place to help with typos, misspelled words and grammatical errors.

But, auto correct is not always right — like replacing Valentine’s with Viagra.

More recently P.J. Gibbs, a finance graduate student, sent a text to a friend about spring break.

Gibbs asked his friend what he was doing for break and the response he received said, “I am going to New Orleans for the sex tourney”.

Whoa. Do those really exist?

Of course he meant the SEC Tournament. Or did he? Auto correct strikes again.

In fact, its mistakes have become part of an Internet legend, as chronicled on the web site,

Better known as “Damn You Auto Correct,” DYAC is a perfect website to visit for a great laugh.

A mother asked her son “How’s your day?”

The son replied, “Awful. I have a bad case of the manboobs”.

Immediately after the text was sent he realized that he had intended on saying “OMG! The Mondays, not manboobs!”

Needless to say, be sure to check yourself before sending your next sex message.

Oops, make that ‘text’ message.