UK Resnet needs greater efficiency

I have loved my experiences here at the University of Kentucky. I have met so many great people here, and can’t wait to come back for another semester. With that being said, there is a major problem on this campus that needs immediate attention and resolution: UK Resnet.

A lucky few are able to retain Internet connection long enough to have time to complete certain online assignments and submit them before losing service.

For the rest of us, logging onto Blackboard is a major challenge. One must refresh the window multiple times, switch back and forth between Resnet connections, or just give up altogether. I cannot even begin to count how many times I have just grown so frustrated with having to jump from connection to connection before just giving up.

Forget about attempting to do any research for a paper in the dorms. Granted is an excellent service. It’s fast, reliable and accessible in major buildings on campus such as the Student Center or library. Such locations are great places to get assignments done.

Many people, however, are more comfortable doing their homework in the privacy of their own rooms so they can listen to music or whatever else helps them be more productive. Students cannot do that when they are constantly losing connection.

Even online video lectures that a teacher posts for a class take an eternity to load when using Resnet. Attempting to enjoy any free time as well with the use of Netflix, Pinterest, StumbleUpon or Skype or to keep in touch with family and friends becomes a battle to maintain a decent connection.

From personal accounts, I know a multitude of people who, during the week of registration, got no Internet service for two days. They tried connecting in their rooms and in the dorm study ultimately resulting in perhaps 10 minutes of solid Internet usage.

The University of Kentucky is not the only college that uses Resnet services. In fact many schools such as University of Illinois, Purdue and University of Texas also use Resnet as their Internet provider. Even in these schools the Resnet service is less than reliable.

No matter which university a student attends, if he or she is living on campus then for nine months out of the year that student is using Resnet. Why make those nine months any more stressful than they already are?

As college students, we have enough to worry about with exams, living on our own, balancing our finances, and making friends. Accessing the Internet should not be a source of concern. By improving the Internet service or switching to another provider, the university will help in creating a less stressful environment for its residents.