Getting into the groove of giving

By Amber Fields

Musician Ellee Ven will be giving individuals of all ages the chance to donate to charities at the event “Give into the Groove” Friday at Buster’s Billards & Backroom.

Ven has sculpted the idea that you are never too young to give back to your community, and this event aims to prove just that.

Open to all ages, the evening of music from Ven and the March Madness Marching Band, No Excuse, Prodéje, The Swells and Ellie Herring, will fill Buster’s.

Bringing the groove of giving back to the community of Lexington is what Ven plans to accomplish.

“It will be a fun night filled with good vibrations,” Ven said.

Ven said this event isn’t about feeling obligated to donate a lot of money to one charity, but it’s based on the idea that someone of any age can make a positive impact on his or her community.

Ven believes “everyone can do something” and choose what charity he or she wants to support.

All proceeds collected Friday will benefit those charities that are participating in “Give into the Groove.”

“What a great way to raise money for the nonprofits of Lexington,” said Melissa Patrick, a community communications and leadership development junior. “According to the interview I heard, this event is set up in a way to allows students and families the ability to donate to the charity of their choice, in an amount of their choice, while having fun at the same time.”

While many students may be feeling the pressure of finals at their heels, “Give into the Groove” could be a nice study break.

“It’s an easy and cheap way to have fun,” Ven said.

Ven said the night is all about having fun and enjoying the gift of giving back.

“How do you measure your wealth?” she asked.

Ven said giving back to others “brings joy to my life. That’s how I measure my wealth.”

Doors for the show open at 7 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m.

Admission for all ages is $5.

For more information about “Give into the Groove” and the charities that are participating, visit