Student Center Spectacular attended for freebies, games



By Nini Edwards

[email protected]

Excitement filled the Student Center Sunday evening as students took advantage of free activities at the Student Center Spectacular.

They left no room for chance as they began arriving at 8 p.m. sharp.

Jumbo inflatable slides sat in the Student Center parking lot to welcome students before they entered the building.

Clubs provided activities such as face and body painting, cookie decorating, games and an oxygen bar.

Fun-filled projects helped promote campus clubs and inform incoming students about ways to get involved on campus.

“This is my first Spectacular, so I’m excited about the turnout and how many people came,” said Emily Collier, sophomore and director of public relations for the Student Activities Board.

“People are not just interested in coming to this event, but getting involved and hopefully

getting things rolling on campus.”

Clubs that did not have booths gave out flyers and free shirts.

When squeezing between people, the word “free” often was shouted throughout the crowd.

“My favorite part is all the free shirts,” Josh Cummins, a special education freshman, said.

But despite the activities and handouts, some students were not impressed.

“I thought it was going to be more games to do rather than a bunch of free stuff,” Haley Goode, an English education and theater freshman, said.

Students who attended last year’s Spectacular noticed a difference in the crowd.

“I don’t think this is as great as it was last year,” said Jessica Hinkle, a sophomore.

“Last year was more hands-on things, this year is more grab and go.”

The night concluded with a showing of “The Hunger Games” and a dance in the Grand Ballroom.