President Capilouto receives positive first-year evaluation



University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto’s favorable first-year review was presented to the executive committee of the Board of Trustees Tuesday evening.

The evaluation consisted of 45 personal interviews during a one-week period by West Virginia University President Emeritus and law professor David Hardesty.

The participants were asked to complete forms containing 19 quantitative-response questions, with answers ranging from “1” (Strongly Disagree) to “5” (Strongly Agree), with “5” being the most positive response.

The average response to the 19 questions by the 33 participants was a 4.3.

“I personally believe Eli Capilouto did a phenomenal job.  I can’t believe the gentleman did all that he did in just 12 months,” said Board of Trustee member James Stuckert. “I am beyond pleased that he is leading our institution.”

There was a solid 3-6 percent negative response across the board, as well as many comments made to Hardesty concerning the need for improved communication from the president’s office.  The interview took place at the same time the university was laying off some administrative employees due to budget cuts.

President Capilouto presented a self-evaluation as part of the process.

“I’m gratified by the feedback contained the evaluation. It underscores support for moving ahead on the priorities of enhancing our strong undergraduate educational experience and revitalizing our campus infrastructure. At the same time, it provides constructive feedback for areas of improvement, which are essential as we move forward with our ambitious goals. In a world marked by dramatic and rapid change, communicating effectively and transparently with all those who care about the university and its future is even more important,” Capilouto said in an emailed statement about his evaluation.

Here is the UK final report that includes a summary, methodology, quantitative response results, President Capilouto’s self-evaluation and David Hardesty’s bio.

UK Final Report in PDF