UK students create an app for campus organizations

By Amelia Orwick

[email protected]

Creators think their new Facebook application, “Organize My Organization,” just might become a hit with busy students on UK’s campus.

Agricultural economics and marketing senior Sean Shelton first approached computer science senior Jyrone Parker about creating the Facebook application for students in May, ironically enough, via Facebook. “I got turned down by plenty of people,” Shelton said. “But then I found Jyrone.”

The two shared an interest in technology and business and agreed to begin working together to develop a calendar application that will help link UK organizations.

“Say you’re in a marketing organization,” Shelton said. “You can set your calendar, pick your dates and everyone on campus who has access to the app will be able to see what’s going on throughout your semester.”

In addition to creating a personal calendar, users will have the opportunity to join forces with others.

“If two organizations want to collaborate on an event…you can send an event request to the other organization, and when they accept it will show up on both calendars,” Parker said.

Over the summer, the pair communicated through face-to-face meetings, text messages and occasional Skype sessions to build “Organize My Organization.”

After months of work, the finishing touches are finally being applied to the application. Before releasing it to the public, however, the application must go through a brief testing phase.

Shelton and Parker hope to begin the critique this weekend, and have a stable application available to students in two weeks.

Greek organizations critiquing the application will be Delta Sigma Theta, Omega Psi Phi and Kappa Alpha Psi.

Shelton said some Greek organizations have already expressed interest in using the application to help manage their schedules and team up with other Greeks for events.

Although Shelton and Parker initially started the project out of interest, they agreed their work could eventually develop into a career.

“I’ve always wanted to do app design as a career, so this was just a fun project to do, and now we’re looking for the next step,” Parker said. “This is the first of many apps that I hope to put out.”

Parker had dabbled in application development in the past, but “Organize My Organization” will be the first he’s created for consumers.

The application costs nothing to create, and neither Shelton nor Parker will profit from its use once released.

Although the potential to profit from Facebook advertising is there, the tandem isn’t focused on making money. “I just hope the majority of organizations on campus end up using it, and if it could spread to other campuses, that would be nice too,” Shelton said.

Parker is eager to receive feedback on the application and make adjustments as needed. “If people like what we’re doing and want to see something new, and we can make it happen, we’ll make it happen,” Parker said.

No matter how “Organize My Organization” fairs, Shelton and Parker expect a continuing friendship and business partnership.

“I can see this lasting a while,” Shelton said.