UK Farmer’s MarCat focuses on fresh



By Olivia Jones

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Summer is coming to a close, and soon all the juicy fruits and delicious vegetables of the season won’t be as accessible.

In order to ensure the best tastes that summer has to offer, students can stop by the Student Center patio for lunch Wednesday.

UK’s Student Activities Board is sponsoring the biannual Farmer’s MarCat from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Locally grown fruits and vegetables will be for sale at the event, including foods that are gluten- and dairy-free, as well as organic.

The MarCat will feature not only local produce, but ready-to-eat options as well.

These options include velvety cheeses and luscious sorbets, barbecue sandwiches and homemade breads.

Some of the most popular ready-to-eat selections are the authentic French crepes from La Petite Creperie & Buitot.

“The biggest seller is definitely Nutella,” said Shannon Arnold of La Petite Creperie & Buitot.

The crepes are made to order, including a variety of local products as additions.

“The free samples and fresh food varieties should draw a lot of people in,” said Sydney Dobson, engaging issues director.

Students can walk to each vendor and sample the specialties each has to offer before making a purchase.

The MarCat will be a healthy, convenient lunch option for students, faculty and staff.

While students and visitors browse vendors and free samples, they will also have the opportunity to become educated about the products.

“What makes the MarCat different from the Lexington Farmer’s Market is that we will have people speaking about how to promote sustainability,” said Student Activities Board Vice President for Promotions Gabrielle Dudgeon.

As you munch on your sweet slice of fresh melon, you will have the chance to learn how to continue having that treat year after year without harming the land.

Promoting sustainability is a major issue in farming today.

The speakers will share proper methods of harvesting so that the earth isn’t damaged and resources aren’t completely used up.