How to stay healthy while tailgating at Saturday’s game



By Mary Austin

[email protected]

Some say that UK was the first school to ever tailgate. Whatever the case, Cats know how to party.

Bleeding blue actually keeps us alive. For Saturday’s home game, fans are expected to go all out.

These day long festivities mean both good news and bad news for our health.

With a smorgasbord of dishes and ever-inventive drinking games, one can easily overdo it. It’s great to feel jolly and carefree, but not when it involves self-sabotage.

Here are some ways to get around overindulgence.

Remember to eat. If you get to the tailgate hungry, temptation will win. Sidestep this by eating a hearty meal before the festivities. Fill up on some protein and have some veggies.

You don’t have to shun trays of inviting treats, but your willpower will keep you from going off the deep end. Planning to eat, while also avoiding mindless munching, will prevent regret later in the day.

This is especially true if you plan on drinking (I know you younger folks won’t partake in this). Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea.

That daytime power-hour will actually make you powerless. It multiplies your hunger by a zillion, and you will find yourself gorging on pizza and wings when you get back home.

Alcohol alone can wreck your fun. Your friends don’t want to take care of you, and wouldn’t you like to remember everything? Once you overdo it, there’s no going back. Pace yourself and set a limit before you dive into a keg stand. Another perk — fewer bathroom trips.

Look at the upside. It’s the weekend. You are probably doing a bit of shouting, jumping, high-fiving, fist-pumping, dancing and laughing. Big Blue Nation is a fervent bunch after all. All this positive energy cancels out any dietary derailing.

Tailgates are supposed to be fun, so don’t stress about blowing your calorie budget or getting a little too full for comfort.

These tips can help you out, but don’t let them replace having a good time.